Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Picture Medley

The House house:
From the side:
And from the back:
And. She's still cute (it's her job):

Nobody wanted to cooperate for this photo....I had to bribe them. This is the best one:
Birthday Boy:

Go-cart fun:
Princess at the Park:
Monkey Boy:
Bird Watching:


Stephanie said...

It's what happens when you don't constantly (or ever) say "look at me!!" or "say cheese!" or "Everyone look up!"... you get kids who don't know how to pose for pictures. :)
But that's a good thing, I figure, as they're not getting interrupted and resenting the camera every few seconds!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, is the rope swing Harrison is on the one at my house? If so, I am SUPER excited!


Kim said...

It is, IT IS!!! He just had to try it out and wanted me to let you know it works GREAT!!!