Friday, September 12, 2008

Funny Conversations

I was in the office yesterday printing out some stuff for school. Lauren found a picture of Mike holding Caleb when he was a new born. She starts to giggle and be floppy (for her, these two always go together). So I asked her "What's so funny?" She said "Papa looks like a boy." (as opposed to....? I thought.) "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well....his hair looks like a boy." she said. Then I said, "Well, if he looked like a boy then, what does he look like now?" After a whole minute of more floppiness and giggles, she finally says...."A Papa."

Tonight we were leaving to go to the shop to retrieve the van. It was dark and I had forgotten to turn on the outside light. I said to Lundi "Come here and guide me." She said "I can't Mom. I am black blind, too!"

Mike was taking the boys to boys-night-out the other night when he had the following conversation with Harrison.
H: "Well, I'm not going to smoke or drink when I grow up, but I'm not going to be a Mormon, either."
Mike: "Why not?"
H: "Because I don't like to always sit still and be reverent."



Stephanie S. said...

I'm trying once again to say "hey".
None of my comments are ever published....
I'm still here!

Juanita said...

Hey my lovely Smith family!!! You guys are funny. Great job Kim on recognizing the funny and the positive in your children...something I have been working on with mine. I loved there jokes.