Friday, September 5, 2008

Recent Outings

Last Saturday we went back to Camden for the Wind Jammer Festival. Yes, the schooners were there again, but not nearly as exciting as last year. But...this year, we got to ride a ferry out to a navy ship and have a grand tour.

It did (actually) feel like we stepped onto an island. The ferry ride was, in many ways. Liam has yet to develop his sea legs and realized quickly that it was in his best interest to sit on his pockets. As soon as we stepped onto the ship, Lauren asked "Are we in a building?" It is amazing that those ships can be so heavy and still float.
Mike worked on Monday, so we had family home evening in Tuesday, instead. For our activity we decided to try our hand at Geo Caching.
It was so fun, we decided that this is going to be a new family hobby. For those of you who want a better definition than what I can give, go here: On our way to the Gea Cache, we found many more treasure along the way. We found the work of some VERY busy beavers. This tree was more than a foot in diameter. We were all amazed at their work, and do they know which way the tree will fall???

Lauren found a squirrel's house with nobody home. She assured me that the occupant "must be over at the oak tree gathering acorns for the winter."

The hunt began......

Caleb was the one to find the cache....

....although everyone enjoyed the treasure.

We took some treasures, left some treasures and signed the log book.

This post will be continued....I must get some sleep. We will be out the door bright and early on the morrow to go to the air show tomorrow to see The Blue Angels. YEA!!!!

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