Friday, July 13, 2007

Eventful Day!!!

Bandit has permanently left the nest. Today, the kids scooped up another bird named "Flitter" when he was running around the yard with his Mommy. I told them they could keep it for a little while (an hour or so....i wanted them all to see it up close) so they brought it in the house and made great friends....the bird got so used to them, it was so cute. Then it started chirping loudly and the Mom and Dad bird appeared on the deck in an attempt to rescue their kidnapped baby. So I told them to put it back in the nest. Well....Lundi wanted to keep it as a pet. We got a cage and some baby food (we read online to feed them baby food) and after many attempts to feed it, it still didn't eat. I tried to convince Lundi to put it back....which was very heart wrenching....she cried and cried because she was totally enchanted by this bird and wanted to raise it as a pet. I told her to pray about what she should do, so she did. She felt like she should put it back, but still didn't want to. So finally I had her think about how the Mommy bird must feel, how are we going to get it to eat and that it wouldn't be cute laying dead at the bottom of the cage. "It will have much better chance of living if we put it back......but it is your decision." I told her. Finally, with a broken heart and tears streaming down her face, she reluctantly handed the bird to me and we put it back in the nest. She was so upset, you would have thought her best friend had died. It took her a long time to calm down. We had dinner, then I suggested we go to the pet store and get her a bird. We got a beautiful parakeet and all is well in Lundi's world tonight!!!
Liam has an ear infection....which explains his crabby mood lately. So he is on an antibiotic and will be better soon.
It poured down rain today. I told the kids to grab some soap and go take a shower....and so they did. They also turned the coolers into bath tubs. Innovative.....don't you think? They said it was "warmer" in the "tub." Maybe one of them peed in there.
You can check out the pictures (and many other great ones of our latest adventures) on the family web site. They will be uploaded tomorrow.
There is never a dull moment Chez Nous.


Juanita said...

Confession! Your post reminded me that Mattea's fish died and she was heart broken she wants to bury it...we still haven't done that yet... it's been a week!!! Oh I am so awful. lol.

Blaine said...

Bonjour mon ami! Je suis tres content pour toi. Tu est une bien mere. J'espere que tout les chose sont bien pour toi et tu famille. Nous l'aime beaucoup.
Au revoir
Blaine et famille

Blaine said...

Bonjour mon ami. Comment alle tu? J'espere que tout les chose et tres bien. Je lire (I read) ton post. Tu est une bonne mere. Nous l'aime beaucoup.

Blaine et famille

Stephanie said...

What a marvelous post!
These sorts of things/thoughts/occasions are my very favorites!
How wonderful and kind you are for leaving it up to her... I would have been hard pressed not to pass judgment - saying in an aghast sort of voice "But he'll die!" or "He needs to be Free!"
Well done, Mama!
You handled it beautifully.