Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Speaking on Sunday

As many of you know, I have been asked to give a talk on Sunday. I have figured out over the years that the Lord always calls either when i have something completley figured out and I need to share with others.....Or (which is the case MOST of the time) he calls us to do something to stretch us...or help us learn, improve and spiritually grow. This is the latter. My subject is: "Reverence For The Sabbath." Now in the broad sense of the principle, we do keep the sabbath day holy. However....there seems to be more contention in our home on Sundays. It that just the adversary? Do I just notice it more because it seems so oposite of attending church? Is everybody just grumpy because of the early rising and Sunday morning rush to get out the door by a ceratin time? (I hate being late for church). Other than going to church and not shopping, Sundays really don't seem that different to me. I wonder if they feel different to the kids. I will inquire and find out, then share their insights in my talk. I want the sabbath to feel different (better). I want to have peace and harmony in our home so that the spirit can dwell here. I want the children to recognize that the Lord blesses us when we do our part. I want them to understand that Sunday can and should feel different (better) than any other day. I pray that as I write my talk I will discover ways to do this better in our home. You see....I am already looking forward to making some positive changes and am anticipating the Lord speaking to me so that I might do so. I really do not like speaking in church (nerves, sweaty hands, talking too fast, losing my place in my notes, my throat gets dry, I wonder if the people in the back can hear me OK,......on and on). But.....I do appreciate and value the spiritual growth that ALWAYS comes with it. I will press forward with faith. I know the Lord loves me.

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