Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Catching Up!!!

Well, actually there is no way I can catch up on the last few weeks of our lives, but here is a summary...
I am currently reading "Peter The Great" and wow....what a fascinating and brilliant man he was. I don't know why I picked this one, it just intruiged me. Russia and the Orthodox Church have a fascinating history.
Harrison fell down with a pair of tweezers in his nose and they got stuck there. Why were they in his nose??? Well, you see he was trying to retrieve a bead that he put in there. He was coming quickly outside to ask for my help (I was vacuuming the van) when he stumbled and the tweezers went right up his nose....OUCH! So I pulled them out, stopped the bleeding, called the Ped's office. They instructed me to do the "rescue blow" but it was to no avail....that bead was stuck. So our next stop was to the ER and after alot of waiting, the Doc's came in and encouraged me to try the rescue blow again (to avoid having to stick anything else in there). I blew....nothing. They said "Blow harder, you won't blow his lungs or brains out." So I huffed and I puffed and on the third blow, out comes that blue bead. Isn't Motherhood so exciting?
Liam is getting four molars at once and boy is he crabby! I hope that it is temporary....I want my sweet boy back.
Mike has been doing computer work for a great charity called "Now I Lay Me down To sleep." Our friend Melissa took the pictures. It is an organization that provides support, photos and DVD's for parents who lose babies during pregnancy, childbirth or infancy. He is making a DVD for the parents of baby Curtis right now, he lived only 20 minutes after birth. The DVD is so beautiful and I know it will be cherished by this sweet baby's family.
We have a nest of birds on a low branch out front. We have been watching them. We discovered by accident when Lundi shook the branch their nest was on and three of them fell out. Well, the full story is on Mike's blog but the latest is that "Bandit" left the nest today and we didn't put him back. So long, little friend. Thanks for teaching us so much and letting us have a peek into your family's life.
Caled thouroughly enjoyed technology camp. He made a really neat DVD about the Amazon rain forest and is quite proud of his accomplishment, as are we. There is so much more I could share but it is so very late and slumber awaits me. It is 1:47......i really have to go to bed.


Mike Smith said...

Hi my love! Yes, thanks for updating everyone. Yes, my comments for the bird is here. Check it out!

Juanita said...

Kim!!!! Please forgive my sick sense of humor but I laughed so hard when I read this. Only from Harrison would this happen. hahaha. Maybe you should tell him not to stick things in his nose it will hurt. . . similar to the botom story and the worm... ;)