Friday, June 22, 2007

Congratulations Are in Order

It's true!!! Mike passed the N-CLEX. We found out yesterday and are so very thankful for the Lords hand in our lives. Mike is now a Licensed Practical Nurse, so we are half way to our goal of RN. He took the test on Tuesday and we had to wait two days for the results. I think they do that to torture the students....the wait was so hard. Anyway, now our lives can continue without the stress of wondering.....wondering.....wondering. Now he can get a job and he can continue on next semester. The Lord has truely blessed us.
We have some friends who have a camp (a cabin on the lake) and they invited us there to spend the evening. So yesterday we packed up the life jackets, the cooler, the beach toys, the camera, stroller, camp chairs and kids and headed off to the Collins camp. We had great fun. We made sand castles, went in the canoe, swam in the lake, caught frogs, sat around the campfire and roasted hotdogs and made S'Mores. It was a great day!!! It is so peaceful there and the scenery is gorgeous. We also saw a cute duck with her four baby chicks. They were so adorable. We saw three Loons, too. They are solitary creatures so that was a treat to see them on the lake. Lundi loves Loons. She tried to row the canoe closer to them to get a better look, but they just went under the water.
Last week we spent three days traveling around the state so Mike could fix the computers at all of the church buildings in our stake. That was fun, too. We let the kids bring their bikes and they had the whole church parking lot to ride. No hills or bumpy roads, which is what they are used to. They had fun racing and learning new tricks.
Today we will spend at home. Our house needs attention and I think everyone needs rest. And I need to make a dent in that huge mountain of laundry that is always waiting for me. Did I ever mention that I hate laundry? I think it's because it never actually gets DONE.......unless we all spend the day naked.
A bientot, mes amis.


Stephanie said...

You've found me out!
I have indeed discovered that I have much less dirty diapers to wash if my little daughter runs amok naked.
No to mention it's mighty handy if we haven't any clean...
Love you!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to Mike!