Saturday, June 9, 2007


Interesting....I went to Girls Night Out on Thursday evening. It consists of a small group of friends who get together the first Thursday of the month for chatting, relaxing and just socializing with other Moms. This particular meeting, there was a new face there. I won't mention her name...I'll call her Jen.
Somehow we got on the subject of homeschooling (I am the only one in the group who does HS). So Jen asked me if I liked homeschooling. I said yes, gave her a few short reasons why we chose to HS our kids, then told her the MAIN reason......ultimately it was because after making it a matter of prayer, we felt this was right for our family. I don't like to sound preachy or make others think that I think they are wrong for sending their kids to PS. I do know that it is not for everyone.....some people can hardly stand their kids around for three months in the summer. So I try to remain neutral about HS vs. PS because I don't want to offend those who choose PS for their kids. But if someone asks my why I HS, I tell them. Reactions vary. Some people say I am crazy, controling, naive, sheltering my kids too much, out of touch with the real world, wasting my time (why not let the "experts" educate them?). Others commend my efforts, some say "I wish I could do that, but I have to....(FITB)." But really, none of what others say matters. For I have the confirmation from the Holy Ghost that this is what I am supposed to be doing for my children. Nothing anyone else says will change my mind.
I got off on a little tangent, there. Now to continue telling what I set out to record....and that is my conversation with Jen.
She teaches Kindergarten, was telling me the good and bad parts of her job. She mentioned how much they have to assess.....assess..assess, all the time. "So how do you assess your kids?" She asked me. I said "I don't. I homeschool because I like the freedom that it affords me and my kids and I don't believe in conveyor belt education. I don't believe that the government knows what my kids need to learn. I just don't buy into those ideals." I then gave her my testimony of how I trust my kids to let me know what they need to learn and we go from there. "Much of the time I learn right along with them. That is another one of the joys." I said. Jen said..."Ya, I can see your point. We just spend so much time trying to get every child on the same level, that I feel many of the brighter ones (her words) get cheated. I must confess, that when and if I ever have children, I would be tempted to homeschool." I said "It is a good temptation and you would not be the first PS teacher turned homeschooler. There are 3 in my group of twelve Moms who use to teach PS." She was amazed at that and seemed relieved that she is not the only teacher who doesn't have faith in the PS system. Yes, she wants to help other children, but would not choose that for her own. I see and hear of this happening all the time. I was glad to have been able to shed some light on that for her. Now I am not a homeschool advocate who shouts from the roof tops "Get your kids out of that failing institution!!!" But I am happy to enlighten those who care to ask.
Ca-Lu-Ha-La-Li. Doesn't that sound like a Hawiian word? Now say it fast...."caluhalali.". I wonder if it means something in Hawiian. It is the first two letters of each of my kids names. Clever, huh?
Signing off for this post because I want to write about our fun day yesterday.
Au revoir, mes amis.

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