Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy.........

........Girl, of course. That's right, I had an ultra sound last week and our sixth child is a girl. We kept our pattern. Someday I'll patten my secret and make it known to the rest of the world. We took all the kids with us, these appointments are (by tradition) always attended by the whole family. So, all seven of us crowded into that little room to find out the gender of the baby. Everyone is happy. The kids have been saying all along that it had to be a girl so it would be "even." Lauren was so cute....everytime the baby put her hand up, she would giggle and wave and say "Look, Mommy, she is waving at me!!"
As she stirs in my belly, I am grateful for this new life. She will, indeed, make a most merry Christmas present.
We're not sure on the name yet...we've got plenty of time for that. Many people are calling her "Audrey" but we are not set on that name yet. Any suggestions are welcome.



Shellie said...

Congrats, So when in December is the new arrival? Will I share a Christmas Birthday with the new arrival? I was born on the 25th, my poor mom spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and a few more days in the hospital when I was born. Would be cool to share that day with a little cousin.

Kim said...

I don't know if you know, but this will be my sixth c-section. One good thing about giving birth this way, is you get to choose the birthday.
I am actually due the 27th, but can have her up to two weeks before that date.
With my uterus being in such bad shape (because of all the surgeries), I am going to do it as early as I can to avoid the risk of going into labor, which would more than likely result in a ruptured uterus....YIKES!!!
So to play it safe, I'll probably have her around the 14th.
The other thing is...recovery usualy takes a week or two and I don't want to be in bed on Christmas. That would stink for me and my family.
Take care and thanks for keeping in touch.

Heather said...

Congratulations kim and family on your new little one (on her way) I read your post about being sick, sounds AWFULLY familiar. I hate being sick during pregnancy and man, those 12 weeks are soooooo long. I am glad you are past it.. It has been quite awhile since I had a chance to read your blog. Also, congrats on MIkes job, that is wonderful that you get to stay around (not to mention school is OVER!!!) only 9 more mts for us:)

Anonymous said...

That is very exciting news! How are you feeling lately? I know that you don't have the best pregnancies in the world.
Thinking of you,