Sunday, August 31, 2008

Things My Children Teach Me

J.S. ( a fine young man in our ward) is leaving on his mission soon. Today he and his parents spoke in sacrament meeting. J.S. also just happens to be a very talented pianist and has a beautiful voice. Today he shared these talents with us by playing a medley of his favorite hymns while singing. It was during the Song "I Need Thee Every Hour" when Harrison turned to me and said "Mom, it feels like my heart is shining really brightly." I said to him "That's the spirit, Harrison." He then said "I know, and Jacob brought it to me." I had to smile and say a silent prayer of gratitude to the Lord for sending this spiritual giant into my life. I then realized what I had been missing out on while I was being distracted by the other kids. I committed to focusing on the medley and then my heart started to shine, too.

After family scripture tonight, I reminded the children to pray for those who were searching for a lost little girl. Lauren automatically assumed it was the girl who's picture adorns nearly every telephone pole between here and three towns over. She has been missing for nearly twenty years. I told her "No, this is a different little girl. She is eight and has been missing since yesterday."
The rest of my conversation with Lauren tonight went like this:
L: Is Savannah watching her and making sure she has some food?
M: I'm sure she probably is.
L: I miss Savannah so much. Is she almost done being in Heaven? (as if she is away in a trip)
M: Well, it may seem like a long time, but it isn't really too long. (but we really won't realize this until we see in hindsight)
L: OK, I can't wait 'til she gets resurrected next week.
M: I don't know if it will be next week. We're not exactly sure when the Savior will come and everyone will be resurrected. But we do know that He is coming.
L: I remember when she was laying in the's that pink thing called?
M: The casket?
L: Ya, the casket. She was so tiny and little in there. And very reverent.
M: Yes, her body was very still. Do you know where her spirit was when she was in the casket?
L: Um, it was with her Mommy. Or was it with Jesus?
M: I think both.

Then in typical five year old fashion, she randomly started talking about something else. I hugged her and kissed her and sent her to her room to wait for Mike to come have personal prayer with her. Five seconds later she comes down the hall way, dragging her puppy and her blanket and says "Mommy, I wanna say my prayers out here tonight." I said "OK, come sit by me." In her prayer, several times over, she said "Thank you that Savannah will be resurrected next week. We miss her so much." She also prayed that Leah would be found soon.
It reminded me of when Kiara kept coming to the casket time and time again to kiss her sister, then run off to play some more, on the night of the viewing. It was like she was checking in with her, making as many connections as she could before the casket would finally be closed. Often times it is as though children just inherently know that life continues after death. It is such a beautiful thing to see the perfect faith of a child.
My prayer tonight is that Heavenly Father will comfort even the littlest hearts that mourn for Savannah. As they try to piece it all together, I pray that their faith will be strengthened. These children are an example to those like me who sometimes forget the simplicity of it all. He lives. Little children are alive in him. Their perfect faith is what I am striving for. They are such a blessing in my life.


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