Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More From Us....

Caleb, Harrison, Lauren and Lundi at Smalls Falls. August 2008

We put these muscles to good use today and yesterday when we mowed the lawn.

This is the first time this year we have done such a thing. After we searched high and low for the broken part for the tractor (last year), we finally broke down and bought a push mower. Yes, we wanted another tractor, but the push mower was in our budget. This late in the season, they're ready to clear them out to make way for snow blowers, so we got it on sale at Sears.Harrison was the first to take his turn at mowing yesterday. Did I ever mention the great work ethic that this kid has? Especially when it comes to (what he calls) "manly jobs." He loves to do things that require muscle, which is why he is so buff!
He mowed for a good hour and a half yesterday, pushing and pulling with all his might. He could have done it in half the time, had he followed my council. You have to understand, the lawn was my favorite job (still is) when I was a kid and I took pride in my great rhythm of "row by row." I am so anal about this and it drives me crazy to watch him mow because he simply can't mow in a straight line. It has the bar that you can pull down to engage the wheels to turn. This makes it hard to mow straight if you are seven. So, I just looked away and occasionally walked out there to point out his missed spots and let him carry on. As the kids get older, they will be able to do the whole lawn by themselves (2-3 acres is too much for any one of them) and I will eventually have to hand over the reigns of the lawn mower.
Harrison lost one top tooth last week one one today. Thank goodness that other one fell out today, he was a snaggle tooth. It was looking pretty bad. I started calling him "Carnie." He got tired of it being in the way, so he yanked it out himself. He is so tough.

Harrison about to lose his fourth baby tooth.
August 27, 2008

Liam at Smalls Falls. August 2008

Lundi, Harrison and Caleb.
Smalls Falls. August 2008

Lauren at Smalls Falls. August 2008

Here is proof that Liam is doing a great job at being a toddler. He gets a new one of these atleast every other day. Not all of them are quite so colorful.

When we went to go pick Lundi up from Girl Scout camp, we took some time to explore a little bit of Baxter State Park. It was beautiful.

Here is Lauren (with attitude) posing for the camera.

Lauren and Harrison at Baxter Staye Park. August 2008
Liam (with turtle in tow) at Baxter State Park. August 2008

It's getting late and I need to still write letters from the Tooth Fairy to accompany the cash that will be placed under pillows tonight. Caleb, Harrison and Lauren have all lost teeth in the last month. What can I say? She's a little behind.

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