Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Belly Baby

The baby that belongs to these feet....

...loves to sleep on her belly.
Shhhhhh. Don't tell the SIDS prevention advocates.


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TSC said...

I think it's great that you let your baby sleep on it's stomach. I'm just passing through surfing the net while doing research on SIDS and back sleep.

Infants who sleep on their backs compared to infants who sleep on their stomachs have increased rates of:
- Social skills delays at 6 months (Dewey, Fleming, et al, 1998)
- Motor skills delays at 6 months (Dewey, Fleming, et al, 1998)
- gastroesophageal reflux (GER) (Corvaglia, 2007)
- Milestone delays (Davis, Moon, et al., 1998)
- Plagiocephaly, Torticollis, Strabismus, etc., etc., etc. BTW, Plagiocpehaly (Kordestani article) is connected with psychomotor delays. Also, motor skills delays are associated with speech and language delays.

So, I commend you on letting your baby sleep the healthiest way possible. Plus, belly sleep helps prevent colic and hip subluxation so that's 2 more positive reasons to let a baby sleep on it's stomach. Plus, the SIDS statistics are very much influenced by politics and aren't very reliable according to the investigative reports by Scripps Howard News Service. All the best, Good Luck!

Check out my blog if you're interested in more reasons as to why stomach sleep is better for infants.