Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lauren Avery

She is delightful, she is bright. She is squoooshey soft and loves hugs. She loves to put things into categories and to organize things. She prays for lost stuffed animals and for her family to be more kind. In her play, every animal, paper doll, measuring cup, toy car or person must belong to a family....family is very important h to her. She loves the sunshine. She is tender hearted. She loves the computer. She particularly loves sweets of any kind. She loves her brothers and sisters and gets along with all of them. She loves comfy jammies and her dog "Otchie." She loves to have her beautiful hair put into piggy tails. She loves horses. She loves to go for walks in the summer time. She is quick to forgive. She is honest. She loves Jesus and knows that he loves her, too. She can be shy in new situations but will quickly come out of her shell. She is helpful. She has a "giggle box" that lights up the room when activated. She has a beautiful smile and a heart as big as the sky!

I love you, Lauren.

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you, Lauren looks so much like Nancy, when Nancy was young. I couldn't believe my eyes.
You have beautiful children.