Monday, August 3, 2009

Down Time

Mike had a very rough weekend. He worked Saturday and Sunday. Yes....death is a part of nursing, everyone knows that. But that doesn't make it any easier. He had a baby as a patient on Saturday who passed away. One can say "it's part of the job, you got yourself into this'. But death is loss and he is feeling it. You always wonder, as a medical provider, "did I do everything I could to try to save that patient?" Losing people is by far the hardest part of the job.
So today we had to go and have some fun to try and get his mind off of work.
Our destination: Clearwater Lake.

The kids had a blast. They absolutely love the water.
Liam was much more brave today. He went out up to his chest, without a life jacket. It looks like all of his near drownings haven't affected him.
Lauren was so funny...she thought she couldn't swim without the goggles.
Isn't this the classic -I got water in my nose- kind of face?
Liam took the liberty of playing with an abandoned (temporarily) dump truck.
Caleb was swimming like a fish today, he's getting so much better.

AudPod and I just sat in the shade, nursed and took pictures.
Cute Liam.

Mike had fun giving the kids swim lessons and giving them rides on his back. I know it was good for him to have some fun. He's off tomorrow, too, for Lundi's birthday. We have big plans for tomorrow....details forthcoming.
Hopefully by the time he goes back to work on Wednesday, he will be rejuvenated and ready to take on the E.R. again.



Stephanie said...

Aren't near drownings so exciting???

Trev had one last year, and a bit of the same this year. (at least as far as I was concerned.)


kath001 said...

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate nurses? (I've seen my share of them the past few years.) Give Mike a hug from me, okay?

Jessica said...

Cute blog. (Sweet husband.)

I'm just visiting all of my de-lurkers. Thanks for your sweet words and for YOUR visits!