Thursday, August 6, 2009

A New Discovery

Lauren comes running into the living room, armed with a can of shave cream. She excitedly exclaims (with big eyes):
"Mommy.....THIS kills ants!"
Then proceeds to kill the one in the window sill that prompted her to fetch the can in the first place.
P.S. ----Is it possible to live in the country without having bugs in the house? Because we have them all this time of year. Lady bugs, earwigs, daddy long legs, ants, mosquitos and barn spiders. I wonder if shave ream will work on all of these. (????)


kath001 said...

This cracks me up, because while we were camping last month I had a new discover of my own. It seems Febreeze also kills ants! LOL

Ain't country life great? I once had a SWARM of ants take over my laundry room. It was like something out of a horror movie! There were thousands of them...EVERYWHERE! I would spray them, and then sweep the dead ones into piles, then spray again. Ugh.

We have the lovely addition of scorpions to add to your list. I find the best way to dispose of them is to cover with a glass, slide a card or something under, then shake down, and quickly carry to the freezer where I have a jar full of frozen ones to add them to. LOL They're so nasty, if you squash them they stain the carpet or wall, etc.

Sorry to go on and on. I don't often feel I have a sympathetic ear to share the insect trials living in the country entails.

ps: need any scorpions for science lessons at your house? I always mean to put them in the garbage when we're ready to burn it, but out of sight, out of mind, so deep frozen they stay.

Kim said...

Aunt Kathy,
We've had these big huge ants this year. They are harmless as far as I know, but man they are black and fat. Every one the kids see, they say "That one must be the queen, because it's the biggest!"
Scorpions? I think I would freak. I am so afraid of them. And that would be awesome if you could send us some, the kids are fascinated by them (especially Harrison) and I'm sure he would love to dissect and investigate them under the microscope.
I'll leave you a comment with our addy.