Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nothing is THAT Simple

I set out to simply turn on the de-humidifier. A task that should have taken all of two minutes. O.K.- three if you include finding an orange extension cord. I ended up moving plastic bins to get a sighting. Then once I spotted it (under the laundry table) I realized that there were bricks that had fallen in front of it. Those bricks had been in front of the chimney, holding the cover against a hole. That hole was full of soot, leaves and such, which ofcourse had to be cleaned up before the bricks would fit back where they came from. And the bricks had to be put back in order to clear a path so that I could roll the de-humidifier out from under the table, so that I could dry up that wet spot in the basement, now that the rain has stopped (at least for a few days). It took me twenty-seven minutes to get that thing going!!!!
Sounds laborious? Well, it was.
Unfortunately, it's nothing unusual around here.
Ya, we need a bigger house.



Stephanie said...

I call that Mopping the Moose.
Have to clean the stove so I can move the stuff to clean the counter so's I can clear the sink... so's I can make tea.

Kim said...

And perfect name for the situation...I think I'll use it from now on:)