Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scuttlebutt & Surmise

The tires that have been on our van since we bought it (a year ago) were worn out at the beginning of winter. They are still on the van----it's February. That can only mean one thing: We have had a very mild winter. I guess now we can wait until they are flat or the inspection sticker runs out.
Sometimes even when you have money for the necessities, you don't make them a priority. (tsk, tsk)
Mike's job status: employed, still at the ER. Why the interviews? The best time to look for a job is when you have a job. Nursing is so very versatile and the salaries vary greatly from one institution to the next. He will have an interview on Tuesday in another department (I.T.) at the hospital where he currently works. If it is offered to him, and if he decides to take the job it will be a dramatic pay increase...about 25%. This job will not include direct patient care, which he loves. It is a M-F, 8-5 job. If all of the other ifs work out, he will stay on per diem at the ER. That is, if he thinks he will be happy doing (primarily) I.T. stuff and (secondarily) nursing.
Our tax return is taking way too long to come back. We couldn't file like we normally do (TaxAct) because of the home buyers tax credit. We certainly are anxious to get started on the house projects (painting, installing a dishwasher) and to buy our new washer and dryer, fixing the windshield on the Subaru so that it will pass inspection, paying off a few bills, going on a (mini) family vacation to Boston and buying the kids some (much needed) new clothes....among other things that we plan to buy. I'm still waiting for the price of tickets to come down so I can book my flight to Utah for Women's Conference.
We attended a baptism this evening. I was asked to give the talk on Baptism. It surely was an honor. I was able to accompany the missionaries a few times during lessons to teach her the gospel. I still love doing missionary work. It works. The Lord's purposes are being fulfilled, one child of god at a time.
It's Sunday tomorrow. Mike is on this weekend. Which means I am flying solo for attending church with the six littles. I really hope that Liam is good during sacrament. He has been giving us a hard time lately and one of us has spent most of the time in the foyer, trying to convince him that he really does want to be reverent. So on the Sundays when Mike isn't there, this makes it really hard to sit through the meeting, or even keep all the kids in the chapel.
We all need dentist appointments.
I am so thankful to Mr. and Mrs B. for the beautiful work they did on this house. They lived here for thirty-five years. He is a retired surgeon. He was just as meticulous in all of the work he did on the house, as he was in his profession. I really feel like Heavenly Father saved this house for us. It is so perfect. Tonight Lundi was sitting on the hearth, getting warm by the fire and she said: "Mommy, it's like this house is a dream come true. It's everything I ever imagined." It's good to know that she appreciates it as much as we do. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. B. for the fine house you have maintained for us. I hope we can keep it beautiful. We try.


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