Friday, February 19, 2010

This Was A Hit

Wow!! I have The Crafty Crow on my "top sites" page. Every day there is something new, and most of the time something there that we want to try. Moreover, we usually have the stuff on hand. Today it was this. But we had to (of course) paint ours, because my kids are very paint-y people. So ours took a little longer. But not much, because lately the hair dryer is used more as a paint dryer, and so it was today.
Under construction:

The tongue: It's a tall tale sign that Liam is in deep concentration!! (Shhhh! It's a serious thing, the development of those fine motor skills.)

Focus, focus.

And of course, the pinball game inspired the kids to get out the geo boards.

Set up:

And the race is on!!!!

And this boy finally has enough confidence in his steady hand to clean out the wood stove while it is still hot. He did great and didn't spill any coals on the hearth!!!

And our little Lauren can read one hundred percent, independently, on her own. I love to see her read on her own (even though she doesn't ask me to read to her as much). She feels so empowered!!!!
Move over Match Box. You've been replaced by a bigger, better, bolder, broader bed buddy. The Mini Cooper!!!!

And last but not least. There was a whole lot of love between these two today. Every day she picks her favorite person to cling to. Today was Calebs lucky day!!!


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Melody said...

Looks like a great day!