Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why I Love This House.....

The mud room. Definition: A mud room or mudroom is a room which is built into some houses to act as a barrier between outdoors and indoors. (Ours just happens to be between the house and the garage). Especially in regions with wet, muddy winters (Maine), a mud room can be a useful addition as it helps to keep the house clean. In addition, the mud room constitutes a clear boundary between indoors and out, which can be a useful reminder for animals and exuberant members (here???? No!!!) of the household. With built-in ski racks.

These built-in cubbies, right inside the door, coming in from the mud room.

The many, many windows that let in much, much sun. (Oh, and the hardwood floors are beautiful, too.)

The front porch. It has windows with screens. Which means bugs stay out (ideally). Can't wait to use this when the weather warms up. For now the kids use it as a bowling alley, and a place to build forts when the temperature is above 40. We also store our wood out there.

These stairs. Oh, how I love this beautiful staircase. And Lauren loves to sweep them everyday. She has declared it as her chore. No arguments.

Light fixtures. While we plan to update most of the lighting in this house, we won't be replacing these. There is one in the girls room, and one in Caleb's room. We'll be taking his out and giving him something a little more to his liking. His will go in our room. Aren't they pretty? Love them.

Bathroom sink. Pretty? Yes. Functional? Somewhat, we're getting used to it. We're still on the fence as to whether or not we'll be replacing this one. (Don't you remember what happened?) Very old, but charming.

More pretty windows.
This one is in the boys' room.

This one is in our room.

And this one is in the school room, where we hung our crystal pretties.

Ahhhhhhh! A real workshop, for doing workshop stuff. Also for storing tools, paint, WD40 and other workshop paraphernalia. (Ya, Mike loves this space)

Also a great place for chopping wood to make kindling.

And there is a storage garage right underneath the car garage. You know, for all of the stuff that we want to put in our garage- and if we did we wouldn't have room for the cars- kind of garage. The kids call it the dungeon. It's cold and has a rock floor. But oh so spacious. More space than we can use. Did I mention how great it is to have a place for everything? Well, let me tell you....IT.IS.WONDERFUL.

....and this is only the beginning. We are so excited for spring when the yard will come alive with all sorts of beautiful surprises.


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