Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quick Post....

I went for the CaT scan yesterday. That was uneventful, though I forgot about having an IV. That was an unpleasant surprise.
They told me that i would need to wait until Monday for the results. Mike used his medical connections to get the word yesterday. The scan was incredibly boring, as in nothing abnormal. Good news. He said that I must have a virus of some sort, which to me says "Suck it up and move on.!" I am off to spring clean today because I feel alot better.


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Stephanie S. said...

Eric has some funk that has given him the same symptoms.
He has this cold that comes and goes (he's had it like four times now or so over the last 5 weeks or more) and it's accompanied by stomach pains, stuffiness, headaches... many not fun things.
I think it's just a wicked cold/virus thing.
I"m so glad you're alright.