Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where To? (Part 2)

Right here. We aren't moving from here (as in this area). We have had some sacred spiritual experiences the last few days and the Lord has let us know that we need to stay here. We aren't exactly sure what the future holds for us. Sometimes the Lord's admonitions do not make sense. We know, however, that everything will work out. We have faith that He will direct our path.
We will eventually move out of this house (we out grew it 3 children ago) but not out of this world.....I mean ward. It feels good to write that. It makes it feel more final, as if announcing it publicly is the final step to acceptance. In all honesty, I have been somewhat resistant to except the will of the Lord. I was really looking forward to moving and seeing new places. I guess the long commute will continue for now.
There is something not good going on with my belly. I went to the doctor on Tuesday because I was having rebound pain in my lower right quadrant. (How is that for medical talk? I am getting so good.) I am also having some constant mild pain, occasional severe pain in my lower abdomen. So they sent me over to FMH for blood tests and x-ray. My blood work came back with an elevated white blood cell count, which is indicative of an infection. So, tomorrow I am having a CT scan at 10:30.
I hope that it is nothing major. I don't have time to be sick. If it is something that will require surgery, it will have to wait until after May 9th. The doctor mentioned that it could be "fringes of scar tissue wrapping itself around my intestines" because of all of my c-sections. "This long after!!!???" I said, "the youngest is 2!" He said "Oh yes, it is the gift that keeps on giving." I really hope that it isn't this. This will require major surgery. I hope I am just majorly constipated and he tells me to take a laxative or something. Yes. I poop every day, but ya nevah know. No need to speculate, tomorrow will come soon enough.


Stephanie S. said...

send me a note, please, if you're not gonna blog about it and let me know what's going on.

Angela said...

Oohh keep us posted ! This doesn't sound good- I hope you are fine!