Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where To?

We don't know yet. We haven't figured out the particulars of it all. We do know that Mike did not get a job at FMH. So now we have three choices.....

  • Apply at all of our local nursing homes. There is a problem with this option. It simply does not fit into our traveling plans. In order to be a traveling nurse, Mike needs a year experience in Med Surge. Nursing homes don't have Med Surge units.

  • Apply at other surrounding hospitals. While that is all good in theory.....they are all atleast an hour away. Mike has been traveling an hour to school and back for two years. There are so many better ways to spend two hours a day. Frankly, he is sick of such a long commute.

  • Move closer to the hospital that he gets a job at.

I choose option three. It is the most logical. We DO NOT want to move, we love it here. I think it is the best place on earth for our family. But I am also sooooo tired of being poor students, that I am willing to go just about anywhere if it means.....(what's that E word again???)....oh ya....EMPLOYMENT!

We don't know if it will be in Maine or not....we will pray about where when we see what our options are.



Tara said...

Good luck with that. I'm sure the Lord will prepare the way for your family to be where He needs you next... not just where Mike can get a job and further his plans. We'll add our prayers to yours.

shellie said...

Hey Kim,
This reminds me of something one of my instructors said to me in massage school. She said,"Your clients will find you, whom ever you are meant to work on and help the most, will find their way to you, weather through a job opportunity or other wise, they will find you." So tell Mike to keep faith, those he is meant to help the most will come to him, maybe throught unexpected ways, so tell him to keep his mind open and the way will come.
Love and Light

Kim said...

Thanks Shellie. I know that we will be guided if we make this decision a matter of prayer.
I am getting excited about a new adventure. It will be interesting to find out where we will end up. Only time (and prayer) will tell!!
Thanks for the extra prayers, Tara! We need it.