Monday, April 21, 2008

We've Moved Outside

Hence the lack of posts.

I don't think the TV has been on at all in the last week or so. There is dirt all over the stairs, even though we vacuum them. (Didn't I tell you about MUD season?). There are bikes, bats and balls all over the yard. Through the open windows one can hear the laughter of happy children. There are fifty dirty fingernails in my house. My house stays clean for more than five minutes since the kids are out of hibernation. My Popsicle supply left over from last summer is almost depleted. We haven't made a cup of hot cocoa in about three weeks. The kids come in with black feet and have to wash their feet before getting into bed. Everyone has delicious, kissable sunburned cheeks and Lundi's freckles have, once again, made an appearance. Ahhhh! I love Spring!!! We are welcoming it with open arms.

Last week we did Green Hour Challenge #2 and had a wonderful time.

We did some sap sucking (the buckets were gone so the kids decided to have a taste.........)

More later. Mike is home and I miss him so I'll go for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hurrah for dirt under the fingernails, bare feet and squishy mud between the toes, and finally getting outside in the spring! I thought it would never get here. Love the crocuses.