Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Is It....

The last week of school. Mike has one clinical day left (Thursday), the ERI test to take (he has one out of three tries left, he failed the first two times), two days of theory and one big, huge all encompassing FINAL EXAM (to be taken next Monday). After all of this he has the NCLEX boot camp. This is a week long class to get them ready to take the NCLEX, which is the test he needs to pass to be a licensed RN.
This post is a plea for prayers. This next week will determine pass or fail, LPN (which he already has) or RN, graduating or all comes down to this.
So if you could please add your prayers to ours, we would deeply appreciate it.


Tara said...

You can count on ours. Good luck, Mike.

kath001 said...

Tests are a real challenge, and the waiting is hard. I'm sure Mike has the knowledge inside; I'll be praying all week for calm nerves and a confident spirit, and that the answers flow through his pen easily when they're called for.

I'll say a few for the home team too!

aunt kath

Angela said...

Congrats on the big graduation! I hope all is well and you are celebrating in style!