Monday, June 29, 2009

40 Days & 40 Nights

It's been rainin'.  It's a good thing we live on high ground, I'd be a worryin' by now.  I already have to strategically plan laundry, showers and dishwasher so as to not overwhelm the septic.  It tends to happen when the ground is constantly saturated and the water has no place to go.  We don't get any toilet back up or anything like that, but the basement will get water in it from the washer and/or shower drain.  I have also started using the de-humidifier in the kids' rooms.  I'm sure the garden and the trees love the rain, but I don't know how much more our angry rivers can take.  Hopefully it will let up soon.
I miss the girls.  We have some good friends who invited L&L to stay a few days.  It's been good for the boys, though, to get lots of extra attention.  And since they only have each other, they have been playing well together.  I am amazed at how much lighter the burden is when there are only two missing.  I mean.......only four plates out for dinner?  Four cups?  What am I going to do with all of those left over enchiladas that I made for dinner?  And I only had to make three lunches.  So easy!!!  I can't wait for them to get home.  I miss their beautiful faces.
Back to the rain......they tell us that there is no end in sight.  It's going to keep pouring for the foreseeable future.  Anybody know how to build an arc?
I had my preliminary test done at the hospital for my throat problem.  After swallowing (what seemed like) a gallon of plaster of Paris (which they called barium), the tests came back negative.  So after that news, I started to wonder if what I was feeling was normal, or was there really something wrong.  But I still feel like things are getting stuck on their way down.  It's not all in my head.  So Wednesday I am going to a specialist for a scope down my throat.  When the secretary called to make the appointment, the last thing she said was "We will be putting you to sleep for the procedure, so make sure you come with someone who can drive you home." Um....OK.   The only time I have been put to sleep was for a D&C on two separate occasions after miscarriages.  The worst part was my throat and neck hurt from the intubation.  Not looking forward to that.


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Stephanie said...

I certainly hope you feel better!
I say icecream.
That has to help. :)