Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Her First Word Was "Happy."

Then we made this Texas sheet cake with THE BEST frosting I have ever tasted.  It tasted like fudge, seriously.  It was so good.  We decorated it together.  Didn't we do a great job?

Then, the crowning event....the candles!!!

It was a great day.  We went the next day to Target.  That was when she became the proud owner of this:

......a brand new two-wheeler, withOUT training wheels.
Lauren is a very delightful child!  Lauren is tender and sweet with a little bit of stubbornness. She is spunky, silly, kind, sweet, adventurous, thoughtful and smart.  She is really good at sorting and organizing things.  She loves to "shake her booooodey," make people laugh and sneak into the cookie jar.  Sweets are her most favorite things.  She can be really good at ignoring you when she knows you're going to tell her to change what she is doing.  She loves clothes and will change 83 times a day if we let her.  She also loves to give hugs and kisses, brush peoples' hair and fold towels.  She has an infectious giggle and one can't help but join in when someone "gets her giggle box."  She loves to read and color and play games.  She is a great conversationalist, especially when talking about horses.  Painted horses are her favorite.  She loves to play games on the computer, listen to her iPod and play outside (in the dirt).....she loves to use her beach toys in the driveway.  Her and Lundi are best friends, but she gets along well with all of her siblings.  Her greatest attribute is that she is just plain likable.  She is very easy to love and to get along with; a "go with the flow" kind of kid.
We love you, Lauren!!!!  Happy Birthday!


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kath001 said...

What an adorable six year old. Every picture you post of her shows a face that shines forth sweetness and fun!

Happy Birthday, Lauren