Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great To Be Eight!!!!

                                                  Harrison the day he was baptized.  May 16, 2009

Eight is very warmly welcomed around here.  It's more than a year older.  It's a right of passage.  It's a new beginning.  It's an equalizer age.  It's when we make some big commitments, and receive some big blessings.  It's the age that the Lord has revealed is the age of accountability.  It's the age when we get to be baptized.  It's the age when we receive a very special gift.  This gift that is bestowed upon us, is to help us keep those covenants which we make at our baptism.  It is the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Eight also means that we are accountable for our sins and need to learn how to repent.
Harrison recently made this commitment.  I had the privilege of accompanying him when he went in for his interview with the bishop.  He invited me.  He was so sweet.  He was shining and understandably excited.  Admittedly a little nervous at first, but quickly warmed right up and was comfortable once he figured out what it was all about.  You see, it was all about one of his favorite things: His testimony.  He talked to the bishop about why he wanted to be baptized and what it means to him personally.  He was asked if he believed in Christ and that he died for us.  He was asked if he believed that we have a living prophet on the earth today, who leads and guides the Church.  He was asked a few other questions, too.  He was amazing.  I was humbled.  I didn't coach, prepare or tell him what he was going to be talking about.  And you know what?  The kid knows his stuff.  He knows that God loves him, that Jesus is the Christ and that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today.  Harrison is a spiritual giant and I am so honored to be his Mommy.  He teaches me so much.  I see the Lord shaping and molding him into a fine young man.
Mike baptized him.  That was another sweet, spiritual experience.  I'll have to ask him to write about it here, I will not be able to tell the whole story.
So far we have five people in our family who have been baptized, three to go.  Each one is individual, personal and joyous.  I am thankful that Caleb, Lundi an Harrison have made this step and look forward to the others.
After the baptism we went to get a store bought cake, brought it home so he could decorate it himself.  Surprisingly, he chose a truck theme.  (Imagine that.)

Harrison is funny, sensitive, loud, active, strong, thoughtful, loving, handsome and quick on his feet.  He loves to ride his bike, antagonize his brothers, tell jokes, mow the lawn, hug and kiss his family, bear his testimony, sing, wash windows, jump on his bed, make up recipes( like a peanut-butter, yogurt and mustard sandwich), play with tractors and trucks in the dirt, ski, ride the four wheeler, care for (and read to) Audrey, play baseball and listen to loud music, (especially "Born in the USA" and "We Will Rock You").
He loves to eat most everything....except rice.  
He loves old people and has an exceptional amount of compassion for them.  
His greatest attribute is that he is teachable.  
He has a beautiful smile and big brown eyes.  Infact, Laurette calls him "My boy with the big eyes" and Harrison loves her for it.  They have a special bond.  It's beautiful to witness.

Happy Birthday Harrison.  We love you and are so happy that you are in our family.  You are a special son of God.



Kaity Hall said...

I can't believe he's 8!!! I can still remember him as my little Sunbeam and he was such a troublemaker but then he'd burst out with these insightful, but random thoughts and just make me pause and think. Congratulations, Harrison. I couldn't be a prouder "teacher." Wish I could have been there.

Happy Birthday!



kath001 said...

What a cutie-pie! Those pictures (and the description) resemble our little Diego who is also 8. I'll bet they would have a great time together. Happy (belated) birthday, Harrison.

And Happy Birthday to his mommy too!

aunt kathy