Friday, May 8, 2009

At Church Last Week

I was making the rounds trying to gather up all six kids (did I mention that going to church alone every other Sunday is very, very difficult?) after church on Sunday.  Liam is toddling behind me while I am trying to locate Lundi who had asked me if she could take Audrey to see her friends.  I hear Liam say "Fak yoom, Mommy.  Look, Fak Yoom."  I said the obligatory (without looking at him) "Oh ya.  Come on."  I was trying not to appear shocked,  and really curious to find out what he was saying.  I thought,   "WHAT is he saying? I know that he doesn't know that word.  So what could he possibly be saying?"  When I finally had all of my chicks gathered up, we headed to the van, which happens to be the same way we had come.  Again, Liam says to me,  "Look Mommy, fak yoom, in there," pointing to the janitors closet.  "Oh, you like to use the vvvvvacuum (with all of the emphasis on vac that I could muster) Liam?  How about you use our vacuum at our house tomorrow, OK?"


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