Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Up early. Took Harrison to spend his money. Bought groceries. Planted herbs. Watered garden. Swept the deck. Shucked corn for dinner. Nursed the baby. Massaged Caleb's head. Read the Ensign. Ate some of my Mothers Day chocolate, and shared some with the son who first made me a mother. Called and secured a babysitter for Saturday. Made a doctor appointment for me and my painful arm. Looked at neighbor girls scrap books, which she was so very proud to show me. Cleaned up spilled lemonade....thrice. Rinsed and loaded the dishwasher. Harped on the kids to get their chores done, at least 5 times. Read my new book. Looked through a bunch of coupons, but really only found three out of about fifty that were useful. (Is this normal?) Took pictures of my sweet baby sleeping with her Papa. Read a few blogs. Had hamburgers and fresh corn on the cob for dinner. Headed out the door (sans kids) at about 6:15 to enrichment meeting. Saw J&D Scammin walking (their car is broken down), picked them up, dropped Joe off at home, Debbie came to Enrichment with me. I felt bad that I had invited her, as she spent the majority of the time crying. The topic was a sensitive one for her. Took Debbie back home, we spent a few minutes chatting in the van. Prayed to have the spirit so I could say comforting words to her. Still wondering if I helped. Came home just in time for Mike to leave to go see the new Star Trek movie. The agreement was he could go if all of the kids were asleep before I got home (I needed a night off from the bedtime battle). Five out of six were asleep when I got home. The sixth was reading in his room. He came up and we had a nice chat. I sent him to bed. Came to blog. I think I'll so to gleep now.


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