Thursday, May 21, 2009

What A Day.....

A terrible day, one from hell.  Can I say that if my good husband spent the day at the temple? 
Here are a few reasons why:  Ninety degrees in the house. Resistance from every child when asked to do anything.  Liam was on a path of destruction, and left a mess everywhere he went.  Harrison drank all of his Sobe vitamin water, wanted more so he made sugar water, Liam found it, drank some and dumped the rest on the floor.  Can you say STICKY mess?  Wasp in the house, everyone freaked.  Caterpillar was brought in from outside, put in a glass jar, kids were fighting over it in a game of can guess what happened next.  Freezer downstairs decided to quit working.  I have  another clogged duct, which always leads to Mastitis.  Liam decided to travel around the house with a banana.  Dropped it on the living room floor, needless to say, it got stepped on (at least three times).  Gross!!  Kitchen sink is leaking stinky water from a pipe underneath.  It's 8:30 and NO ONE, let me say it again NO oNE is asleep.  I've heard B.H. call it "arsenic hour", I call this an "Arsenic Day."  No, I don't want to administer it, I want to ingest it.
 After an hour of the bed time battle, I felt defeated.  I retreated to my bedroom to escape into cyberspace.  In order to avoid a mid life crisis, or a mental breakdown, I went to iTunes and purchased a bunch of songs and turned the music up really loud.  I needed an escape.  I was feeling like a rebellious teenager who wanted nothing, but to shirk responsibility.  So I down loaded all of the fitting songs like "Psycho Killer", "Dead Mans Party", "Devil Inside", "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "Love Is A Battle Field", "Burning Down The House"........among others.  Oh.......and "Delta Dawn" because I missed my sister.
I had been in here for a short time, when one after another they slithered into my room.  It wasn't long before all six of them were in here.  Each came fully equipped with complaints, tattles, needs and sob stories about why they couldn't go to bed.  So I said "O.K., everybody come in here and we're going to have a dance party on my bed."  So after a lot of hoopin' and hollerin', the party began.  They jumped, and jumped, fell off the bed, flipped and crashed.  One nearly fell out the window, but was saved by the screen.  After about a half hour of this, I looked at my bed and saw drip.....drip.....drip.....drip.....drip of red stuff all over my bed.  "Um, is someone bleeding?" I asked.  They all look at each other....I knew the panic was coming as soon as we discovered the source from which the red stuff sprang.  Harrison says "My Toe!!!!!  My toe is bleeding.!!"  So he freaks out, I send him to sit on the side of the tub (in hopes to keep that blood contained) until I could get to him.  I was hoping that while I was containing the other chaos (screaming baby, poopy but that had to be wiped, spilled water, fetching a wash cloth to wipe the toe, finding band aids in the unorganized bathroom closet), that the problem would be starved, or the toe would stop bleeding.  I try to avoid blood.  It really makes me sick.  It literally makes my head spin and I can't think straight.  Of course he didn't stay sitting on the side of the tub, so the drippings went down the hallway, and all over the bathroom floor.  By this time everyone was crowded into the bathroom to check out the gore of it all.  I kicked them all out of the bathroom so that I could have a level head to assess the injury.  By the time I got to it, he had a wet sock wrapped around it (he said it was the first thing he could find) and it wasn't bleeding anymore.  Whew!!!!  So I put a band aid on, wrapped that toe with a piece of bandage tape, handed him a Clorox wipe to clean up the blood off the floor, and sent him to bed.  Sent the others to bed, again.  Went to have prayers with all of them, strongly encouraged them to stay in their beds, spat out some unreasonable threat, like "If you get up again, you will be in your room for three days straight."  Came back upstairs, flipped on the T.V.  Once again, kids started slithering from every corner of the house.  (Oh, and it's 95 degrees in the house all this time, and I hate heat about as much as I hate blood).  Blood and heat together means a very short, exasperated, impatient Mommy.  So I just sat on the couch and nursed the fussy baby (fussy because she was sweaty, but wanted to be held), zoned out on the (stupid) T.V. and every five seconds said "Go to bed" whether they were around or not.  I figured there had to be at least one up at any given moment.  I was right.  They were all still awake when Mike walked in the door at 10:30.  First thing he does, hugged and kissed me, then the baby, then the kids and sent them to bed.  Second thing he did, brought up and installed the air conditioners,  I feel better now.  I had chocolate and my room is 65 degrees.  Everyone is asleep.
Goodnight, then.



Tara said...

Oh, Kim! I hate days like that! In my own world I've been having a "life" like that for weeks with Jeremy being the center trouble... my mother-in-law got me a book and I loved it.. it didn't give the "the answers" but some how I found a sense of "everything will eventually be okay"... It's A Mother's Book of Secrets.... if nothing else, it lifted my spirits and I was able to "forget" (though for only a short time)... Glad things got better when Mike got home... so hard when it takes Dad to do the trick!

Stephanie said...

Mmmmm, how fun!!

It got hot fast, didn't it?!

Next time send 'em out to the kiddy pool (especially if it's the middle of the night!) Prob'ly wouldn't be much worse than a stuck toe.

Love you.