Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday....Part Three

Why would we miss an opportunity to go to the beach when we were only minutes away from it?  Especially if we had jackets for everyone in the trunk of the van?  Why would we pass up the chance to......

....pee outside?
(I gotta go!  I gotta go!  Mommy, where can I go pee?)


......collect shells and many beautiful pieces of drift wood?

....draw in the sand?

.......give Liam the opportunity to play in ENDLESS dirt?
and run along the pier? see.....we wouldn't!!!!  Because nothing, I mean NOTHING calms my spirit or soothes my soul like the beach.  And the kids....well, they just think it's more fun than an amusement park, even if it's too cold to get wet.  We only stayed an hour but could have stayed six if the sun wasn't going down.  We'll go back again soon.


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