Sunday, May 10, 2009

Six Little People Call Me "Mommy"

And they did their best to make this day special.  It all started last night when Mike comes home with a bouquet of daisy's (my favorite) and a bag of goodies that I waited until this morning to look into.  It's contents:  a big. giant Toblerone, a Family Fun magazine, a Symphony bar (I LOVE chocolate), a Bangor Daily News and a book called "Americas Cheapest Family."  Maybe the newspaper needs a little explanation.  I was talking with a friend recently about the cost of feeding our broods.  Mike and I spend between $800.00 and $900.00 on groceries a month.  This includes diapers, wipes, T.P., toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap,  dish soap and all of that stuff.  This friend of mine has recently discovered the power of coupons and was telling me about the money she was saving.  I was amazed, I had no idea that was possible.  This conversation just happened to coincide with a recent discussion that Mike and I had about cutting our expenses so that we could save for a house.  We had not even thought about the grocery bill.  Our food consumption will never decrease (until our kids are up and out) but we really can decrease how much we spend on food.  Thus, the newspaper.
Back to Mother's Day......
At 6:30 this morning I was half asleep nursing Audrey in bed when I thought I heard little voices and little feet scurrying about the house.  "Mike, can you please go check on the kids and if they are up send them back to bed?"  He comes back to bed and says "I think it was your imagination, nobody is up."  We both went back to sleep.
About an hour later I wake up and am flooded with hugs, kisses, beautiful smiles and cards filled with Hershey's chocolate and loving messages from the kids.  "Look, Mommy!  We woke up at 6:30 to make these cards for you so we could have them done when you got up!"  I looked at Mike, who was ironing the church clothes and he gave me a sly grin.
Then there was the gift of cooperation from the kids.  I told them that my two wishes were 1)No fighting and 2) Be on time for church.  They all did great at getting ready on time and we were out the door by 9:45 this morning.  They were (mostly) great during sacrament and we all enjoyed the talks today.
Then there was the gifts of service rendered, there were many........
Liam was a little rowdy today.  The *Peterson's sat behind us, *Nielsen's in front of us.  As soon as we walk in *T.N. asks me "Are you alone today?"  I said "Ya, Mike is working."  Liam had somehow made his way down the bench away from me and was laying down and had kicked Lundi in the head.  I looked to see what was going on and to make sure she was O.K and I see  *D.P. whispering in Liam's ear.  Liam sat up and folded his arms, looked at me and smiled.  Another time during the meeting, I was tending to Audrey when I looked over and saw D.P. leaning over the bench drawing a picture (of a truck, of course) for Liam.
About half way through the meeting, Audrey was hungry.  On the Sundays when Mike isn't there, I try to bring a bottle so that I don't have to leave the kids unattended to go and nurse.  Even though I am a talented Mom, I still haven't learned how to make a bottle with one hand.  So I ask T.N. "Can you hold her while I make a bottle?"  Without hesitation, she puts out her arms and says "Of course", even though she had her own child on her lap.
Later, in R.S., I got up to lead the music and again, *T.N. took the baby for me.
Later still, I got up to put the CD on for the music appreciation part of R.S. and Audrey starts to fuss in her seat.  *B.H. scoops her right up and proceeds to try to sooth her.  She continues to fuss, so she stands up, takes her out of the room so as to not disrupt the beautiful song, rocking her back and forth.  She came back in with a calm baby (my calm baby) in her arms.  She sat down and continued to hold her (and she even remembered that Audrey likes her bottom patted when she goes to sleep) until she was fast asleep.  Then, the sweetest thing.....I ask her "Do you want to put her in her seat."  She bends down to gently place her in her seat and sweetly whispers "Happy Mothers Day."  These kind acts were so very touching and I sincerely appreciate the people who are always willing to extend a hand when I need it.  It really means a lot to me.  To say "Thank You" seems so inadequate.  
It was a fabulous day.  I am so blessed to be a mother to............


& Audrey


*I use real names for my own personal reasons, as I intend to print this blog some day.  If any of you are reading this blog, please know that I do not intend to embarrass  you.  I love you.

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