Friday, May 8, 2009


Laurette came through the surgery like a champ.  They set and casted her wrist, said there was nothing to do for the humerus, and gave her a brand new hip.
Last night when we were there, she actually got mad at the nurses and wanted them to let her be, she just wanted to sleep.
We called and got the report this morning, the nurses told us that they would get her up today and encourage her to use the trapeze.  How?  I know not.  She only has one functioning arm, and that one is very old and she is right handed.  (All of the breaks happened to the right side of her body.)
When I questioned Mike (the nurse) about this, he said "You would be surprised what people can accomplish when they don't want to stay down, even at 96."
Alright then....Go Laurette!!!

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