Monday, May 4, 2009

So Disappointed!!!

I know....the work will go on.  The message is the same, no matter who delivers it.  The Lord will take care of their investigators when the Elders take over.  I know all that.  It's not about the Sister's and their greatness (or is it?), it's about the gospel. I get the logistics of it all.  (Three from the mission going home, none coming in, so they have to take from somewhere.)
But I am so disappointed to see them go.  I love these Sisters. I love the influence that they are on my children (especially Lundi and Lauren).  I love the spirit they bring into our home.  I love hugging them.  I love to witness the bond hat only exists between sister missionaries.  I love to be with them and remember my mission.  I love to go on teaches with them.  I love to see them in action.  They are so great.  I am so blessed to have had them over to dinner last night.  I will miss them so much.  It makes me cry.  Hopefully, the Lord will see to it that Farmington is blessed with Sisters again very, very soon.


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Nicki said...

Kim, I had almost stopped crying. You started me up all over again. What is it about sisters? Or is it specifically THESE sisters? I didn't realize I had gotten so attached until they told me they were leaving. I miss them very much. I hope we see them again some day.
(wiping tears away.)