Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Sunday

I had a nap, I'm not feeling well.  I am sick with some kind of cough, sinus, soar throat thing.....again.  (That baby just needs to sleep through the night.)  We stayed home from church.  Liam has a temperature of 103.6 but has yet to show any symptoms of any illness. (????)  Lundi has a stuffy nose and cough but is feeling fine.  Mike worked today so we celebrated fathers Day on Thursday.  We got him a new wheel barrow and weed eater.  Last night the kids made cards and coupon books to give him today.  This morning we made him his favorite breakfast.  The sneaky surprise was that we would wait until he was in the shower, then go out and decorate the van with all of the things we had made.  They were about to burst while waiting the WHOLE HOUR for him to get out the door after his shower this morning.  He was very surprised and the kids were thrilled to see his face.  It was very cute.
We found a new favorite canvas for painting.  Easy clean up, always available, out of the way, stainless and big enough for two people to paint at once.  Other wise known as the patio door.
Today the artists were Lundi and Lauren.  
Oh, and the cute little pink feet, those were Audrey's contribution.  The kids thought they were so very cute and kept asking for more and more feet prints.  It's amazing how much they adore their sister.



Stephanie said...

So cute!
And fun. :)

Angela said...

What a fun idea- I loved painting windows when I was younger!

Amanda L. said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog! I am in Connecticut..although am guilty of having a love affair with Maine.

Love your new art canvas. My kids would have a ball painting our sliding doors.