Monday, June 15, 2009


It was filled with lots of fun things.  The kids and I worked extra hard on Thursday so that we wouldn't have to spend the weekend cleaning.  We went to Augusta for a day of fun.  

Kayaking on the Kennebec River:
Harrison is almost big enough to control a single by himself.  He will be next year.

Mike and Harrison:



Mike with Liam and Lauren.  Lundi going solo.
Mike with Harrison and Caleb going solo:
Here's Lauren, patiently waiting her turn.

Here is Liam, being mad about being strapped in the stroller.  I had to contain him while I sat on shore and fed the baby.  Can't you tell he is thrilled?

Then, he finally got his turn.

Lauren did great for her first time:

After we went kayaking, we went over to Old Fort Western.  These men were making barrels.  It's so relaxing to me to watch things being made the old fashioned way.  It seems like their lives were so much less stressful than ours are today.  It seems like nothing could be rushed.  These days it seems like everything is rushed except for the very few things that can't be, like nursing a baby, growing a garden, pregnancy, the seasons or going poop.  Anyway, I really enjoyed this part of our day.

After we went to the fort, we got to go on a trolley ride.

That was um....interesting.  It was supposed to be narrated.  When in reality it was just a- speed through town, over one bridge, than back across another, speeding all around, wind in the babies face and hang on tight- kind of ride.  It left us thinkin' we should have brought the car seats.  Mike and I had a lot of fun mocking it and laughing about it, though.  We love to mock things.  It reminded of us a movie we once saw.  It was us.  The kids loved it because they could see outside, not be in seat belts and hang their heads out the window.  You know, like we did all the time when we were kids, before the days of seat belts and car seats.
We ended the day with dinner out at Red Robin, a trip to Barnes and Noble for a gardening book, a trip to Sams Club and Dairy Queen.


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Mike said...

Don't forget that during the amusement park (i mean trolley) ride, Audrey was squeezing and clutching my arm like she was scared. She never wanted to leave mu chest...was just plastered there - eyes wide.