Saturday, June 6, 2009

And She Was.....


Happy Birthday to.....US!!!  We got an early present this year.  You see, Mike and I both have birthdays in June, so we  usually buy ourselves a gift together.  It's just that some years the gifts are much better than others.   Last year we spent our birthday money on two new tires for the van so that it would pass inspection.  What can I say, he had just graduated and was just about to start a new job.  But this year, we have real money and a real job, so we decided to buy a real present, as in something that is not a necessity.  We finally have a grill big enough (65" wide) to cook all of the food at once.  I've used it every night for dinner since we've had it.  Nice.  I love it.
The actual day of my birthday was so fun.  We went to Crescent Beach, my favorite chowder house and on a sunset cruise in Casco Bay.  Then we stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream.  We sat in the van to eat it because it was cold.   As we did so, the whole family sung to "Delta Dawn" at the top of their lungs as it blasted through the speakers in our Honda mini van.  I'm so glad that everyone likes that song.  I am so glad that we could entertain the onlookers.  We had a great time.



kath001 said...

Ooohhh, awesome gift! Glad you had a happy day.

Stephanie said...

I checked a couple of times to se if you'd written so I could say HAPPY BITHDAY!!! :) but you hadn't.

So Happy Birthday!!

Love you.

Stephanie said...

And Delta Dawn. grin.

Kim said...

Thanks everyone. It was a really fun day.
Steph--It's funny, that song has become like our family favorite lately. The funniest thing is, C&L like to blast it in a "showing off" way, as if they are teenagers trying to look cool to their friends. I won't tell them that the song is 40 years old. lol