Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Am Back!!

I just wanted to post that I have NOT dropped put of the blogging world, I just took a break. I was just so busy when my sister and her kids were here, that it just fell off the "Things to do" list. But now we are getting back into our routine and things are feeling so much less chaotic now.
We certainly had a great with Robyn, Megan, Natalee and Gentry. It was a joy to have them here, even with all the chaos. The kids really got close in that two and a half weeks and the Smith children were very sad to see them go, especially Lundi.
I am anxious for my husband to have a job so that we can afford things like a trip to Utah, at least once a year. We really miss our family.
This isn't a long post. Just one to say that I'll be posting regularly again. I miss it.

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