Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Tree of Thanks

It consists of a Mason jar, a branch from our oak tree, some hazel nuts, a sign that says "Our Tree of Thanks" and many, many, many blessings written on our leaves tied on with string. I put it on the kitchen table Tuesday before Thanksgiving, added a few leaves with my blessings written on them and invited the kids to do the same. It just keeps growing. We are so very blessed and we thanked the Lord whole heartily on Thursday. The kids asked me how long we would keep it up and I said "until we run out of blessings, I guess." To which came the reply "That will never happen, Mom!"
Indeed, that will never happen. For the Lord is continuously giving to us and blessing us for our efforts. It's like we give him and old copper penny (meaning put forth an effort to be better) and he blesses us with gold (meaning he gives us so much more than we expected). We have much to be thankful for this season. When I take the tree down, I will post what everyone contributed to the tree.

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