Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, It feels great to be back into the swing of things. Everyone just does so much better when the routine is predictable. There is once again peace in the land and I am grateful.
I have attempted to make curtains before and failed that time, too. You think that I would be able to simply HEM a pair of curtains. But oh no.....I had to ruin those, too. I bought these really nice (Pottery Barn) curtains this summer at that sale that I volunteered at. They were really cheap and I thought I could hang them in front of the patio door. they are really thick, and I thought they would help keep the heat in. The cold is setting in, so yesterday I thought I would undertake the simple task of hemming them. There were three panels. So I measured the first panel, it was like 16" too long. So I cut and hemmed that one and it was still dragging on the floor and looked tacky. So I thought....OK, next panel cut off a little more. So, I cut 17" both of the other two panels. Then I brought one of them to the patio door to measure it so I could know how much of a seem it needed.........HUH???? It was a foot from the floor!!!!! What the heck? Turns out all three panels were not the same length. The second two were the perfect length BEFORE I cut them. Needless to say, I was very bummed about the whole thing. I will never again attempt to make curtains.
My children are delightful and I love them to pieces. Everything in the world can go wrong and I can make the ugliest curtains in all the world and I still have my sweet little Harrison who says to me..."Well.....they're just a little bit short Mommy, it's OK." That wild and crazy little monster has the biggest, softest heart of anybody I have ever met. He always makes me feel better.

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Stephanie said...

You know...
you could do two or three things about that...
One, you could just sew the cut off part back on, it will just look like a panel. Might not look bad. think "maternity shirt".
Two you could sew it back on and put a decorative trim over the repaired part.
Three - you could sew a few inches of a different material onto the cut off part, then sew the "extra" back on at the bottom of that. (say, big strip of brown check at the top, small strip of black solid, another smallish strip of brown check at the bottom. Something complimentary, of course. A bit of work, but if you really love them, you could make it work.

Hope you're doing well!