Monday, November 19, 2007

Jesus Drives a Mustang!

We had a family council tonight. We needed to discuss and be made aware of some fiery darts that the adversary is currently shooting our way. We discussed these specifically and what we could do to increase the spirituality in our home.
We have always struggled with family prayer in the morning. I can list many reasons, but there are no excuses. We just don't make it a priority...bottom line. But we all want to repent and move forward with faith. We discussed a few options.....everyone waking up at 4:00am so we could have FP before Mike leaves for school (nobody wanted to do that), having FP minus Mike after everyone gets up (nobody wanted to do that, either). So....the solution that we came up with is this: Mike will call every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00am and we will put the phone on speaker and hold family prayer. The time on Thursday on Friday will vary because he is at the hospital on these days and can't always break away from a patient. The weekend he is here, so that will be easy.....after we get in the habit, of course. We have set this goal, put a reminder on the fridge and hope to be as good about this as we are about evening scripture study and family prayer; 21 days from today!
During the meeting, we talked about the constant battle against Satan and how he works on destroying our family. His ways are very subtle, but still there none the less. The Holy Ghost helps us to recognize these "darts." Harrison absolutely loves vehicles of all kinds and can almost always be found playing with cars. He often refers to his struggle to make good choices as "a race" and when he makes a good choice he says "I am winning with Jesus, Mommy and Satan is losing. I am NOT going to let him win!!" So tonight he says "You know what Mom, Jesus will always win because he drives a Mustang and I am with him! Satan drives a old, slow car." Caleb says, "Ya Harrison, he drives an old, rusty, broken tow truck that doesn't even work."
Yes....everyone can find some way to personally apply the gospel principles. Just when you think they aren't "getting it" they say something really profound like...."Jesus drives a Mustang!"

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