Friday, July 10, 2009

Doesn't Everyone?

  • Have dirty Q-tips behind the toilet that were intended for the trash can that sits beside the toilet?
  • Have a basement freezer that is frozen shut because it hasn't been defrosted in so long?
  • Still have snow tires on their July?
  • Have seven laundry baskets of clean clothes in their laundry room just waiting to be folded and put away?
  • Have a three year old with fingernails so long that they are starting to fold over?
  • Have a screen on a window that has been colored on with magenta Crayon?
  • Have a kid that thinks that beside the hamper is the same thing as inside the hamper?
  • Have a refrigerator that is void of all necessities like milk, eggs, butter and cheese?
  • Have a stack of papers a mile high on their dresser that are waiting to be filed into a portfolio?
  • Run their dishwasher twice a day?
  • Have a toothbrush holder that has water minerals at the bottom of it?
  • Have three dying plants in their house? (And only have three plants?)
  • Have five different clocks in the house that say five different times?
  • Have chipped paint on their baseboards and door frames?
  • Sleep on the same pillow that they have had for 6 years?
  • Buy a new comforter for their bed but not curtains to match, and then have a mismatched bedroom?
  • Have a love for iTunes?
  • Have at least one dishtowel or potholder that has caught on fire in their kitchen?
  • Have empty shampoo/baby soap/conditioner/body-wash bottles in their shower?
  • Have grime around the top of their washing machine? neither.

I wonder if these things happen in big families......but it's just a wonder.


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Tara said...

I wouldn't say I have a large family (though by society's standards I probably do) but I'd have to admit we have many of the same... or did... before we packed almost everything!