Friday, July 17, 2009

A Whole Lot of.....

................... Audrey Madeleine

And she's full of of cuteness. And she has beautiful blue eyes. And everyone loves her. And she's SEVEN months.

She has one quarter of a tooth. She can sit with help. She weighs twenty pounds. She is off the charts for height. She can say bababababa and Papa. We love her chub. She has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She can do raspberries and she smacks when we kiss her.
We love her more every day.



kath001 said...

Oh, the sweetness of a baby! These photos make me want to bury my mouth on that soft baby neck and set off a round of giggles with a pbbbllttt. :)

Kim said...

Aren't they irresistible? We eat her up a million times a day. She is delightfully delicious!!!

Dorothy said...

She's a beautiful little girl. How can you help but not love her. With seeing pictures of her, I can't wait for my d i l to have her baby.