Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Want Her?

Free baby. Really cute....see?

Has millions of smiles. Loves to babble and do raspberries. She will grab your face and give you wet, open mouth kisses if she loves you a whole bunch. She smells good, even when she goes three days without a bath. She loves to eat paper. She will play contently for an hour if you give her a watch (preferably a "water resistant" one). She is starting to eat food, though she does not like peas (she shivers and gags). Her Mommy walks around like a zombie and has to put forth a tremendous amount of effort to be nice to the other five. She is free for the asking. One condition: you have to bring her back when she starts sleeping through the night!!!

*This free baby wakes multiple times through the night and will only sleep if she is right next to another human. When moved to her cradle, she wakes and cries. She also has to nurse several times throughout the night. If you are still interested, talk to her siblings about taking her home with you today.



kath001 said...

>>..she does not like peas (she shivers and gags). <<

Uh-oh. That's genetic. My suggestion is do not even TRY to give her a black-eyed pea or a kidney bean. :) Just ask your mother.

Dorothy said...

So funny about peas. When I read that to Don, he said he didn't blame her for not liking them. He doesn't like peas, either.

Kim said...

Aunt Dot,
The kids think it's rather funny to watch her shiver. It's typical that my kids don't like baby food peas. They taste like canned peas (GROSS!!!). And as you know, canned peas taste nothing like fresh or frozen. Hopefully she'll follow the trend and enjoy those later.
Aunt Kathy,
It's always funny to hear your little snippets of memories from your childhood. Thanks, you make me laugh.

Dorothy said...

Don won't eat any type of pea. My family knows not to put peas in food if they invite us over. If there are some, he'll push them aside and eat everything else.