Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He Is Twelve!!!!

Happy Birthday to the one who first made me a Mother. When I first saw him, I just knew that he was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. The first thing I noticed were how big his hands were. His cheeks were as soft as butter and he smelled like heaven. I couldn't believe that he came out of ME!!

And now twelve years later......

....he's bright, funny and earnest. He likes Legos and....well, that's pretty much it as far as toys go. His favorite food is spaghetti or linguini with clam sauce, or pizza, or hamburgers, or chicken on the grill, or seafood chowder or pancakes with bacon and eggs (which he chose for his birthday breakfast). His favorite activity is playing Legos with friends. He likes to listen to his iPod (and sing really loud, off key) while doing his chores. He really loves being a Boy Scout and is working hard to advance in rank. Birds are his passion, especially birds of prey. He knows every detail and can spot (often mistakingly) an eagle a mile away. He likes to be in charge, yet he respects authority. He likes having his own room but will invite his siblings in to play on his terms. He is a whiz at chess, and is a self proclaimed "champ in training." He does not like to clean his room, load the dishwasher or clean the yucky food out of the drain. He prefers vacuuming and picking up to dishes any day! He hates his picture taken (which is why we don't see much of him on my blog). He takes the scout motto, "be prepared" very seriously and likes to take his first aid kit everywhere he goes. He likes to spend time alone with his Papa and his Mom by doing things like eating out, bike rides, watching a movie, going fishing and running errands. He also really enjoys reading and often uses it as a way to relax. He likes to go swimming at the lake or the beach. He likes to ski. He hates to see his parents (or anyone) kiss on the lips and we love to tease him about this. I have a yearly tradition where I take my kids on my lap on their birthdays. (They love this until they are five, then they start thinking they are too big.) Tonight I held him on my lap (much to his chagrin) and talked to him about how special he was to me. The whole time he held his hand over his nose. When I asked him why, he said "Because I don't want to smell your breath." Ya, he's also an honest kid. He is a great kid. He is an intense kid. He is a faithful kid. He is a kid with a conscience. He is a creative kid. He is a bright kid. He is a kid with a good moral compass. He has his flaws, like everyone else. He can even be impossible sometimes. But he is our kid. And we love him.

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!!


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kath001 said...

What a cutie. Happy Birthday, Caleb!