Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A post about our fabulous four day weekend is in the works, in the meantime here are some great shots of the kids:

Liam bookin' it up the beach runnin' from the waves:

The three cutest, most wonderful girls in all the world.

Here is Caleb attempting to duplicate some of the moves he saw in the circus:
(Or maybe he's trying to get to heaven).

Audrey took a long nap on the beach. Good to know she finds it as relaxing as I do. I told you we were a beach loving family.
Harrison: "You dare me to eat this, Mom?"
We couldn't forget about the annual tradition of taking a picture of ALL the kids.
And here are all fourteen kids at the reunion. All of them are under 12.
We have six, Todd and Angie have five and Jason has three.
(top row L to R:)
Connor, Harrison, Caleb, Jenny, Isabelle and Lauren.
(middle row L to R:)
Hellen (holding Andrew) and David
(bottom row L to R)
Joseph, Liam, Alexis and Lundi (holding Audrey).


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