Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Agenda

We really like to maximize these four day weekends.
This is what we'll be doing instead of the things mentioned in the previous know, incase they did need to be done.
We have some friends visiting from Minnesota. They are vacationing at a lake house in Bridgeton and they invited us to spend the day. That we did.
Tomorrow-the circus in Richmond.
Sunday-Laurettes 96th birthday. We are taking the party to her.
Monday-We are spending our day at the beach for our annual get together with Mike's good friends from high school. Between the three families there are fifteen kids. It's always eventful, to say the least.
We'll be putting many miles on the van, slapping on much sunscreen and washing lots of sand out of little scalps. I love summer!!!!
Here are some pictures from today. We snorkeled, kayaked, swam, canoed, skipped rocks and played in the sand. Oh, and had Chinese food for dinner and s'mores and fed the ducklings that were so friendly.

Now lets just hope that on Monday we have zero near drownings. Today we only had two. (I gotta get these kids swimming lessons).
Why is this underline here? I didn't do it, how do I get it off?


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Stephanie said...

What an adventure!
Have so much fun!