Sunday, September 2, 2007

82 Miles Inland.....

....Is the distance we live from Camden, a beautiful coastal town. We spent the day there yesterday. We went for the annual Wind Jammer Festival. I really love the culture of the coastal towns. There is something unique about it that I can't describe. I'll try to show you.....

This is a picture I took from land looking out at the harbor.....

We saw a sculpture sculpting a mermaid out of clay.....

And this famous artist (I think he was using pastels), but I don't know who he is, so he must not be too famous, after all! But I did love this picture I just didn't have the $2000. that they were asking....maybe next year.

Yesterday we saw for the first time, a lobster crate race. What is that?....You might wonder. Well, it is when they tie 20 (or more, but they had 20) lobster crates together (upside down) then tie the ends to a dock and the participants have to run across them as many times as they can without falling into the water (back and forth, from one dock to the other). The slower you run, the faster you sink.

Needless to say, this sport is best suited for the young and agile. One little boy, named Henry held onto the title by running across 516 crates. He beat his last years record of 423. He was so fast, and made it look so easy. Caleb and Harrison already decided they want to enter the contest next year.

We were also able to tour (and do lots of dreamin') some beautiful schooners. Our favorite was the Mary Day. She is a schooner with a 90 foot deck. She even has an organ on board for singing and entertainment. The cabins were beautiful, the kitchen had a wood coking stove, which I thought was really neat. I have never been down inside of the belly of a huge boat like that. It was amazing. Someday when we have $1500 to spare I think we will take a 6 day cruise on the Mary Day. I hope I don't get sea sick.

I thought this huge mast was so beautiful against the blue ski. It was a gorgeous day.

This was an A Capella group who just happen to be pirates. Caleb shared with them some of his gold coins that he had found in a treasure dig. It was cute....he even went back to where he found them to put more sand on them so they would look like a "real pirate treasure."

Lauren loves to climb....she got up here and said..."Look at me, Mommy!!" This time, I had the camera ready.

There were a few gentle rolling hills for Liam to practice his new skill.....walking! Go Liam!

....And after the twenty seventh tumble......
"I'll conquer these hills yet..." he says.

We had a wonderful time in Camden and I'm sure we will go back for next years festival. I would like to make it a is great to live in such a beautiful state; and activities like this give us good reasons to go and explore it.


PS--Mike transfered these pictures to my computer and I put this page together all by myself...can you tell I am proud? WAHOOOO!!!!


Mike Smith said...

This was soooooo fun! I liked the Mary Day, too. The thing I like best about this place is that it's in Camden...Camden is clean and embodies the perfect Maine town.

So Kim - nice first time putting pictures in! Good work. I love you!

Stephanie said...

I just love town festivals.
You know- things like Strawberry Days, and Peach Socials, things like that.
So fun.
COngrats on your picture know-how. Did you get a new camera?

Kim said...

No....we didn't get a new camera. We still have our little Kodak Easy Share (we've had it for 5 hears). It works fine....unless you compare it to the Cyber Shot. We just haven't had the money to replace the one I dropped.
The Kodak takes great pictures, but only if the conditions are just outside on a sunny day.
Oh well, atleast we have a camera, right?