Friday, September 21, 2007

It Must Be the Weather!

I have been dragging my derriere all day. I even took a nap with Liam. I haven't done that in weeks. It is really warm outside and I think it is making me tired. Fall weather is so invigorating to me but today feels like summer.
Today the kids have just been playing. There has been a little bit of fighting, little bit of resolving conflicts, a whole lot of imaginary play and a little bit of watching Rescue Heroes. Harrison has officially declared that he loves them now. Good timing, as Caleb lost interest in them about a year ago and is finally ready to relinquish possession of all said toys to his younger brother. We got them out a few months ago and Caleb was still claiming "Those are mine!!" Today, not the case. You see, they do grow up.
Mike and I will be attending a birthday party this evening. A good friend of ours (also our bishop) is turning 40. SHHHH! It's a surprise!
Tamara, the kids favorite baby sitter will come over to watch the kids. She has really long, beautiful hair which is perfect for her role as "The Queen" in their imaginary play. They always play "Medieval Times" when she comes over.
Mike has a twelve hour rotation at the hospital today so he won't be home until 7:30 so I might go to the party by myself, or wait and be late with him. In the mean time, I need to get dinner for the Littles and get myself beautiful for this evenings celebration.

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