Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Week in Pictures----Part 2

I've given up on trying to fix the previous post, so I'm movin' on.

Liam really enjoyed the goats. He squealed in delight at these real live stuffed animals. They liked him, too. He let them lick him, smell his hair and chew on his stroller...YUM.

I enjoyed watching the children feed the animals as much as they enjoyed doing it. It was precious to witness these gentle animals eating out of their hands.

Here is Liam making a new friend. They head-butted several times and were bonded for life! It was the funniest thing!

Here is Caleb....(handsome boy) enjoying the animals, too.

Sometimes I can't explain why I love certain photos of my beautiful this one.

This was a sign-up sheet for the volunteers who were maning this particular exhibit. Lauren (the precious girl) thought she would give them her beautiful 4-year old autograph and the Mama was mighty proud so I took a picture. (big grin).

We FINALLY let him loose out of the stroller and he was OFF!!!! (To nowhere in particular.)

Does it put us in the "Hicks" class if we LOVE the Demolition Derby? 'Cuz we waited all day for this and it was THE highlight of our day at the fair. Shhhh....don't tell anybody, it will ruin my prim and proper image. (edited to say that I deleted this on accident and will add this image again later).

On Tuesday we had our good friends. the McCabe family over for a fantastic science day. We built a volcano out of plaster of Paris, then painted it it, then made it errupt. We added a solution made of vinegar, dish soap, glitter and food coloring to baking soda and got a dramatic result! It was messy and fun!

Here is another one of those "unexplainables."
Lauren is my favorite four-year-old in the whole world!

The leaves are-a-fallin'.....pretty soon there will be a carpet of them on the ground. I hope they wait for the House's to get here before they all fall off the trees.

The kids cleaned up the yard today. This is the designated bike parking spot. It was very messy....every outside toy we own was out in front. We needed to get it picked up so we can mow one more time before the leaves fall...the snow will come shortly after that.

And last but not least, we had this happen today. Our little Liam fell and hit his head on....I'm not sure what......(a kitchen chair, I think). The kids all panicked (there was lots of blood) and I tried my best to think clearly and keep my cool. I do not do well with blood, this is usually Mike's department, but he was at the hospital working. So I got all the kids in the van, had Lundi hold the towel on his head. Then I dropped the four off at a friends house that was on the way to the hospital. We made it to the ER, they stitched him up and now he is on the mend. I feel very accomplished to have handled all of this on my own. I really don't like this sort of thing. The only time I got queezy was when I was watching them sew him up and watching was optional, so I sat down and turned my head. He got six stitches.

The house is peacefully sleeping, I think I will join them. Goodnight.


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Lena said...

How fun! I am a little envious that you are already in full blown fall with jacket or sweater weather. I think we'll get to go swimming at least once more though. BTW- we are in the DFW area.